DIY Toolkits

I founded Real Employment Law Advice in 2013 to provide legal advice in a different way to traditional Solicitors and to allow access to reasonably priced advice for those who are having problems at work.

I recognised that many people want some help and guidance without having the risk and costs of paying an hourly rate to a Solicitor and so I have created a range of DIY Toolkit’s designed to give you the information you need to help yourself to resolve problems at work.

Having problems at work is very stressful and can have a huge impact on your future career, your home life and your mental well-being.  These Toolkits will allow you to understand your rights and the steps that you can take to help yourself resolve matters.

My colleagues and I have taken a great deal of time to ensure that these products are easy to understand and use. I would always welcome your feedback so if there is something missing or which could be explained in a simpler way then please get in touch with me directly: [email protected]

Thank you again for choosing to purchase one of our Toolkits to help you find a solution to the challenges you are facing at work and I wish you all the best for the future.